for assistance call: 1-888-673-3444
Microbiota Characterization Now Offered
 July 07, 2014
The RRRC now offers a full line of NGS-related services including fecal DNA extraction, 16S rRNA gene sequencing, and informatics analysis to researchers using rat models.  For more information, please see here or contact
Need a New Rat Model?
 March 21, 2017
Need a new rat model?  The RRRC in conjunction with the MU Animal Modeling Core (AMC) can assist with the generation of transgenic rats, create knock-out and knock-in rats using CRISPR/Cas9 technology and genetically manipulate rat embryonic stem cells to make chimeric animals.  Contact us to discuss your rat model needs and how we can help.
RRRC at American Society of Human Genetics
 October 16, 2017
Stop by Booth 949 (Research Resources in Metagenomics and Animal Models) in the Exhibitor Hall at ASHG 2017 in Orlando, FL on Oct 18-20 to discuss how we can help facilitate your research.  
Animal Characterization at Discovery Ridge
 November 06, 2017
Discover what our team is doing related to metagenomics and the animal resource centers at MU including the RRRC, the MU MMRRC, the NSRRC and the MU Animal Modeling Core and the MU Metagenomics Center.
Rat Genome and Model Resources
 November 10, 2017
Review of available rat resources.  Shimoyama, M, Smith, JR, Bryda, E, Kuramoto, T, Saba, L, Dwinell, M. (2017) Rat Genome and Model Resources. ILAR J 58 (1):42-58.
Precision Mouse Modeling: Translation to Human Disease Symposium
 August 12, 2019
NIDA Center for Genetic Studies of Drug Abuse in Outbred Rats
 August 22, 2019
The NIDA Center for Genetic Studies of Drug Abuse in Outbred Rats (P50DA037844) is calling for applications for Pilot Studies in HS Outbred Rats Supporting Drug Abuse Research.
Remembering Dr. Mary Shimoyama
 March 04, 2020
The faculty and staff of the Rat Genome Database are deeply grieved to announce the recent passing of Dr. Mary Shimoyama, principal investigator of RGD.
COVID-19-related Disruptions
 March 19, 2020

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we are operating with reduced staffing and there may be delays in responding to emails and phone calls at this time.  In addition, because of institutional restrictions and uncertainty with courier services and transportation, the RRRC is currently shipping and receiving live animals on a case-by-case basis.  For new requests, please contact us to discuss your needs.  For ongoing orders, we will continue to communicate frequently to keep you apprised of the status of your order.  Thank you for understanding.

RRRC Fully Operational
 June 14, 2020
The RRRC is fully operational at this time and we are excited to be able to assist researchers with all their rat-related needs. 
Rats on the rise
 July 20, 2021
Rats on the rise.  Ellen P. Neff (Lab Animal, 2021). After a genetic revolution in the 80s, mice overtook rats as the laboratory animal of choice for many researchers. But in recent years, the gene editing capabilities that had lagged a little for the larger rodent have been coming up to par with their murine cousins. Is a return to rats on the way?
NIH Extrinsic Factors Workshop
 August 09, 2022

Enhance Rigor and Reproducibility in Animal Research by Managing Extrinsic Factors

When: September 23, 28, and 30, 2022

Venue: Zoom


The workshop will be a forum to discuss the current status of and needs for understanding extrinsic environmental factors; their potential impact on animal research outcomes; and how facilities may optimally manage, monitor, and report these extrinsic factors in an effort to enhance reproducibility and rigor in animal research. The focus of this workshop will be on identifying gaps, opportunities, and new approaches in husbandry of commonly and widely used animal models; relevant environmental factors and conditions; and the need for novel instruments, equipment, and infrastructure for animal research core facilities (e.g., modern design of research core facilities, high-throughput equipment, telemetry for behavioral research).

How to Order
To place an order with the RRRC, click the “Order Form” tab at the top of RRRC website. This will open the online order form

Complete the order form with the requested information.

Orders are limited to 10 animals or less. For larger orders, please email for a quote.

For more information on available strains, please visit the rat strain page here: You may search for strain via the search bar at the top, or refine the listings by using the drop down options on the left hand side.

For pricing information for animal orders, please visit our pricing page here:

Please note, all international orders will be charged a $300 international fee.

After an order has been submitted, it will be assigned an order number and you will receive an email from RRRC customer support confirming your order. Please read this email carefully for further instructions.  Our customer support will contact you by phone if your order includes special requests or additional information about your order is needed.

Once an order is received, an invoice will be issued. Payment can be made by credit card, check or wire transfer.  In addition, the RRRC will need a signed Outgoing Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). Include the RRRC order number on all correspondence to prevent delays.  Please note that a fully executed MTA as well as payment in full are necessary before fullfillment of an order can be initiated.  Fee-for-Service requests may not require a MTA but will require payment in full before initiation of the project.  

The RRRC maintains small colonies of a subset of the strains/stocks in our inventory for distribution of live rats on a first come, first serve basis.  The size of the breeding colony, the size of the litters being produced and the number of requests in the queue all influence time from placement/initiation of an order to shipping of live animals.

Orders for live animals are generally filled within 2-4 months after the on-line order, the MTA and the payment are provided, but this can vary depending on current availability and demand. Cryo-resuscitation orders take an average of 6 months to be filled. Orders for other materials (sperm, embryos, ES cells, DNA, etc.) are shipped as soon as all paperwork is completed and payment has been recieved.  Fee-for-service time lines will be communicated as the project is initiated and progresses.

Please note that choice of courier and all associated shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Once animals are assigned to your order, you will receive an email with the animal information details and a request for your shipping authorization. Shipping will only take place once authorization is given. Please make sure you have provided your courier account number to prevent shipping delays. 

Animals are generally shipped on Mondays, for next day delivery. The shipping date and job number will be communicated to you via email prior to shipment. Please confirm the delivery date with your courier company.  Shipping charges will be billed to you directly from the courier, not from the RRRC.  Please note that once animals leave the RRRC facility, they are in the custody of your chosen courier and you should communicate directly with the courier should any issues arise.  The RRRC can assist with these discussions.